Bibliography : Solar and Planetary Physics

Nov 2017 - 5 Abstracts found

1.- Nov 2017 - SoPh - (2017SoPh..292..169P)

Comprehensive Analysis of the Geoeffective Solar Event of 21 June 2015: Effects on the Magnetosphere, Plasmasphere, and Ionosphere Systems

Piersanti, Mirko

Keywords: Solar trigger
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2.- Nov 2017 - P&SS - (2017P&SS..147...48M)

UV production of methane from surface and sedimenting IDPs on Mars in light of REMS data and with insights for TGO

Moores, John E.

Keywords: Mars
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3.- Nov 2017 - P&SS - (2017P&SS..147...28V)

Analysis of dayside magnetosphere of Mars: High mass loading case as observed on MAVEN spacecraft

Vaisberg, O. L.

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4.- Nov 2017 - SoPh - (2017SoPh..292..165T)

Above the Noise: The Search for Periodicities in the Inner Heliosphere

Threlfall, James

Keywords: Corona
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5.- Nov 2017 - P&SS - (2017P&SS..148...35A)

New constraints on Ganymede's hydrogen corona: Analysis of Lyman-α emissions observed by HST/STIS between 1998 and 2014

Alday, Juan

Keywords: Ganymede
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