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HST: Cycle 25 Mid-Cycle Observations


Proposers are reminded of the upcoming deadline for Mid-Cycle GO proposals. Mid-Cycle GO proposals must meet the following prime criteria:

1.Proposers must provide an explanation of why the proposal could not have been submitted in response to the standard annual Call for Proposals: for example, the target source may have been identified subsequent to the most recent proposal deadline.

2.Proposers must provide a clear description of the scientific urgency of these observations and why they should be executed in the present cycle.
Mid-Cycle GO proposals will also have the following characteristics:
- Proposals are limited to requesting no more than 10 orbits;
- Observations should have minimal constraints to maximize scheduling flexibility;
- Observations taken for accepted programs will have a proprietary period of no more than 3 months;
- Proposals may request only HST time - joint proposals are not permitted;
- Proposers may apply for all available instruments. Proposals must be compliant with the technical restrictions described in the Cycle 25 Call for Proposals.

Proposal Submission and Review

Proposals should be submitted via the Astronomer%u2019s Proposal Tool (APT) as type GO, using the Mid-Cycle template for the pdf attachment. Proposals may be submitted by 23:59 pm on September 30, 2017; valid proposals submitted after that deadline will be held over for the second mid-cycle Cycle 25 review in February 2018. The proposals will be distributed for review by members of the community, with the results released by mid-November.

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Source : Space Telescope Science Institute