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Nov 2020 - 55 Abstracts found

1.- Nov 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3260T)

Rest-frame UV spectroscopy of extreme [OIII] emitters at 1.3 < z < 3.7: Toward a high-redshift UV reference sample for JWST

Tang, Mengtao

Keywords: cosmology: observations

2.- Nov 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3221Q)

A tale of two sites - II: Inferring the properties of minihalo-hosted galaxies with upcoming 21-cm interferometers

Qin, Yuxiang

Keywords: cosmology: theory

3.- Nov 2020 - Icar - (2020Icar..35113969R)

"Deep-ultraviolet Raman spectra of Mars-relevant evaporite minerals under 248.6 nm excitation"

Razzell Hollis, Joseph

Keywords: Mineralogy
(c) 2020 Elsevier Inc.

4.- Nov 2020 - Icar - (2020Icar..35113935G)

Radiative-equilibrium model of Jupiter's atmosphere and application to estimating stratospheric circulations

Guerlet, Sandrine

Keywords: Radiative transfer
(c) 2020 Elsevier Inc.

5.- Nov 2020 - Icar - (2020Icar..35113872Y)

Dust cover on Curiosity's Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) calibration target: Implications for deposition and removal mechanisms

Yingst, R. A.

Keywords: Mars
(c) 2020 The Authors

6.- Nov 2020 - AsBio - (2020AsBio..20.1363R)

Dimerization of Uracil in a Simulated Mars-like UV Radiation Environment

Rouquette, Laura

2020: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers

8.- Nov 2020 - ApJS - (2020ApJS..251...11M)

Swift/UVOT+MaNGA (SwiM) Value-added Catalog

Molina, Mallory

Keywords: Catalogs

9.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903L..39C)

Discovery of Raman-scattered He II λ6545 in the Planetary Nebulae NGC 6886 and NGC 6881

Choi, Bo-Eun

Keywords: Planetary nebulae

10.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903L..28S)

Dependence of the IRX-β Dust Attenuation Relation on Metallicity and Environment

Shivaei, Irene

Keywords: Interstellar dust extinction

11.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903..146B)

Dust Attenuation Curves at z ∼ 0.8 from LEGA-C: Precise Constraints on the Slope and 2175ŠBump Strength

Barišić, Ivana

Keywords: Interstellar dust extinction

12.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903..139A)

A Multiwavelength Analysis of the Faint Radio Sky (COSMOS-XS): the Nature of the Ultra-faint Radio Population

Algera, H. S. B.

Keywords: High-redshift galaxies

13.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903...86M)

Scatter Analysis along the Multidimensional Radius-Luminosity Relations for Reverberation-mapped Mg II Sources

Martínez-Aldama, Mary Loli

Keywords: Active galaxies

14.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903...85A)

Accretion History of AGNs. III. Radiative Efficiency and AGN Contribution to Reionization

Ananna, Tonima Tasnim

Keywords: Accretion

15.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903...62B)

The Far-UV Interstellar Radiation Field in Galactic Disks: Numerical and Analytic Models

Bialy, Shmuel

Keywords: Interstellar medium

16.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903...54T)

Deep Modeling of Quasar Variability

Tachibana, Yutaro

Keywords: Galaxy accretion disks

17.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903...44P)

The Extreme Red Excess in Blazar Ultraviolet Broad Emission Lines

Punsly, Brian

Keywords: Quasars

18.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903...30B)

SOFIA/FIFI-LS Full-disk [C II] Mapping and CO-dark Molecular Gas across the Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 6946

Bigiel, F.

Keywords: Spiral galaxies

20.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903....4N)

The Magellan M2FS Spectroscopic Survey of High-redshift Galaxies: A Sample of 260 Lyα Emitters at Redshift z ≍ 5.7

Ning, Yuanhang

Keywords: High-redshift galaxies

21.- Nov 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160..242S)

The Hα Dots Survey. II. A Second List of Faint Emission-line Objects

Salzer, John J.

Keywords: Galaxy abundances

22.- Nov 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160..237F)

The High-energy Radiation Environment around a 10 Gyr M Dwarf: Habitable at Last?

France, Kevin

Keywords: Solar extreme ultraviolet emission

23.- Nov 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160..225K)

High-resolution Spectra of Earth-like Planets Orbiting Red Giant Host Stars

Kozakis, Thea

Keywords: Astrobiology

24.- Nov 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160..204S)

Utilizing a Database of Simulated Geometric Albedo Spectra for Photometric Characterization of Rocky Exoplanet Atmospheres

Smith, Adam J. R. W.

Keywords: Exoplanets

25.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643L...7K)

Lifting the curtain: The Seyfert galaxy Mrk 335 emerges from deep low-state in a sequence of rapid flare events

Komossa, S.

Keywords: galaxies: active

26.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A.104Z)

Contribution of polar plumes to fast solar wind

Zangrilli, L.

Keywords: Sun: corona

28.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..88Z)

Creating and using large grids of precalculated model atmospheres for a rapid analysis of stellar spectra

Zsargó, J.

Keywords: stars: atmospheres

29.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..79S)

Two stripped envelope supernovae with circumstellar interaction. But only one really shows it

Sollerman, J.

Keywords: supernovae: general

30.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..76H)

Depletion and fractionation of nitrogen in collapsing cores

Hily-Blant, P.

Keywords: astrochemistry

31.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..41D)

ALMA observations of transient heating in a solar active region

da Silva Santos, J. M.

Keywords: Sun: atmosphere

32.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..36B)

3D chemical structure of diffuse turbulent ISM. I. Statistics of the HI-to-H2 transition

Bellomi, E.

Keywords: ISM: structure

33.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A...6C)

The ALPINE-ALMA [CII] survey. Small Lyα-[CII] velocity offsets in main-sequence galaxies at 4.4 < z < 6

Cassata, P.

Keywords: galaxies: ISM

34.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A...4F)

The ALPINE-ALMA [CII] survey. Dust attenuation properties and obscured star formation at z ∼ 4.4-5.8

Fudamoto, Y.

Keywords: galaxies: high-redshift

35.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A...3S)

The ALPINE-ALMA [C II] survey. Little to no evolution in the [C II]-SFR relation over the last 13 Gyr

Schaerer, D.

Keywords: galaxies: high-redshift

36.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A...1L)

The ALPINE-ALMA [CII] survey. Survey strategy, observations, and sample properties of 118 star-forming galaxies at 4 < z < 6

Le Fèvre, O.

Keywords: galaxies: evolution

37.- Nov 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.500L...1A)

Stellar flares versus luminosity: XUV-induced atmospheric escape and planetary habitability

Atri, Dimitra

Keywords: stars: flare

38.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903L..25J)

Solar Coronal Magnetic Field Extrapolation from Synchronic Data with AI-generated Farside

Jeong, Hyun-Jin

Keywords: Solar magnetic fields

39.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903..142G)

The Environmental Dependence of the XCO Conversion Factor

Gong, Munan

Keywords: Interstellar medium

41.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903..123M)

Spatially Resolved C III] λ1909 Emission in Haro 11

Micheva, Genoveva

Keywords: Starburst galaxies

42.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903..106C)

Dying of the Light: An X-Ray Fading Cold Quasar at z ∼ 0.405

Cooke, Kevin C.

Keywords: Active galactic nuclei

43.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903...35H)

A 60 kpc Galactic Wind Cone in NGC 3079

Hodges-Kluck, Edmund J.

Keywords: Galactic winds

44.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903...29M)

Reconstructing the EUV Spectrum of Star-forming Regions from Millimeter Recombination Lines of H I, He I, and He II

Murchikova, Lena

Keywords: Astrophysicists

45.- Nov 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...903...19F)

Spatial and Temporal Analysis of 3 minute Oscillations in the Chromosphere Associated with the X2.2 Solar Flare on 2011 February 15

Farris, Laurel

Keywords: Solar chromosphere

46.- Nov 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160..217C)

Estimating the Ages of FGK Dwarf Stars through the Use of GALEX FUV Magnitudes

Crandall, Sara

Keywords: Stellar evolution

47.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..97M)

WISE J044232.92+322734.9: A star-forming galaxy at redshift 1.1 seen through a Galactic dust clump?

Miettinen, O.

Keywords: ISM: clouds

48.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..82M)

Toward a unified equation of state for multi-messenger astronomy

Marczenko, M.

Keywords: stars: neutron

49.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..81K)

Effect of mantle oxidation state and escape upon the evolution of Earth's magma ocean atmosphere

Katyal, Nisha

Keywords: radiative transfer

50.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..47O)

The interacting nature of dwarf galaxies hosting superluminous supernovae

Ørum, Simon Vanggaard

Keywords: supernovae: general

51.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..30F)

GOODS-ALMA: The slow downfall of star formation in z = 2-3 massive galaxies

Franco, M.

Keywords: galaxies: high-redshift

52.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..24S)

Discriminating between hazy and clear hot-Jupiter atmospheres with CARMENES

Sánchez-López, A.

Keywords: planets and satellites: atmospheres

53.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..22D)

Heavy-metal enrichment of intermediate He-sdOB stars: the pulsators Feige 46 and LS IV-14°116 revisited

Dorsch, M.

Keywords: stars: abundances

54.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A..19M)

Eruptions from coronal hole bright points: Observations and non-potential modelling

Madjarska, Maria S.

Keywords: Sun: activity

55.- Nov 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...643A...8G)

The ALPINE-ALMA [CII] survey. The nature, luminosity function, and star formation history of dusty galaxies up to z ≃ 6

Gruppioni, C.

Keywords: galaxies: evolution