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Jan 2021 - 43 Abstracts found

1.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.501..146D)

Stacking redshifted 21 cm images of H II regions around high-redshift galaxies as a probe of early reionization

Davies, James E.

Keywords: intergalactic medium

2.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.501....1G)

Interpreting LOFAR 21-cm signal upper limits at z ≍ 9.1 in the context of high-z galaxy and reionization observations

Greig, Bradley

Keywords: galaxies: high-redshift

3.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500L..12K)

UV spectroscopy confirms SU Lyn to be a symbiotic star

Kumar, Vipin

Keywords: methods: observational

4.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.5322G)

Exploring reionization and high-z galaxy observables with recent multiredshift MWA upper limits on the 21-cm signal

Greig, Bradley

Keywords: galaxies: high-redshift

5.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.5229E)

The [O III]+H β equivalent width distribution at z ≃ 7: implications for the contribution of galaxies to reionization

Endsley, Ryan

Keywords: galaxies: evolution

7.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.4042S)

Abundance measurements of H2O and carbon-bearing species in the atmosphere of WASP-127b confirm its supersolar metallicity

Spake, Jessica J.

Keywords: techniques: spectroscopic

8.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.3898V)

On the mechanism of polarized metre-wave stellar emission

Vedantham, H. K.

Keywords: radiation mechanisms: non-thermal

9.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.3368S)

Young stellar population gradients in central cluster galaxies from NUV and optical spectroscopy

Salvador-Rusiñol, N.

Keywords: galaxies: elliptical and lenticular

10.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.2908W)

Stars and gas in the most metal-poor galaxies - I. COS and MUSE observations of SBS 0335-052E

Wofford, Aida

Keywords: methods: statistical

11.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.2159W)

3D NLTE spectral line formation of lithium in late-type stars

Wang, Ella Xi

Keywords: line: profiles

12.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.2063W)

Broad He I 1.08-µm absorption from the obscurer in the active galaxy NGC 5548

Wildy, Conor

Keywords: quasars: absorption lines

13.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.2020E)

Escape and evolution of Titan's N2 atmosphere constrained by 14N/15N isotope ratios

Erkaev, N. V.

Keywords: hydrodynamics

14.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.1974R)

The flaring X-ray corona in the quasar PDS 456

Reeves, J. N.

Keywords: black hole physics

15.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.1870D)

UV upturn versus UV weak galaxies: differences and similarities of their stellar populations unveiled by a de-biased sample

Dantas, M. L. L.

Keywords: galaxies: abundances

16.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.1673H)

Discovery and follow-up of ASASSN-19dj: an X-ray and UV luminous TDE in an extreme post-starburst galaxy

Hinkle, Jason T.

Keywords: accretion

17.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.1188L)

Thermal and photochemical study of CH3OH and CH3OH-O2 astrophysical ices

Leroux, Killian

Keywords: astrochemistry

18.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.1139H)

On the vanishing orbital X-ray variability of the eclipsing binary millisecond pulsar 47 Tuc W

Hebbar, P. R.

Keywords: binaries: eclipsing

19.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.1127B)

Multiwavelength study of different flaring and low-activity states of blazar 4C+21.35

Bhattacharya, Debbijoy

Keywords: galaxies: active

20.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.1038L)

Probing the CGM of low-redshift dwarf galaxies using FIRE simulations

Li, Fei

Keywords: galaxies: dwarf

21.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500..942D)

Tracing the evolution of dust-obscured activity using sub-millimetre galaxy populations from STUDIES and AS2UDS

Dudzevičiūtė, U.

Keywords: galaxies: evolution

22.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500..786D)

The dynamics of the broad-line region in NGC 3227

Devereux, Nick

Keywords: galaxies: individual: NGC 3227

24.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500..590C)

The environmental dependence of rapidly quenching and rejuvenating galaxies

Cleland, Cressida

Keywords: galaxies: evolution

25.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500..138W)

Suppression of H2-cooling in protogalaxies aided by trapped Lyα cooling radiation

Wolcott-Green, Jemma

Keywords: molecular processes

26.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500..118Z)

Early galaxy growth: mergers or gravitational instability?

Zanella, A.

Keywords: galaxies: evolution

27.- Jan 2021 - Icar - (2021Icar..35414093S)

Detecting Ce3+ as a biosignature mimicker using UV time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy: Implications for planetary missions

Shkolyar, S.

Keywords: Spectroscopy
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28.- Jan 2021 - A&C - (2021A&C....3400427T)

SPARTAN: Maximizing the use of spectro-photometric observational data during template fitting

Thomas, R.

Keywords: Galaxy
(c) 2021 Elsevier B.V.

29.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.501L..33D)

An evidence-based assumption that helps to reduce the discrepancy between the observed and predicted 7Be abundances in novae

Denissenkov, Pavel A.

Keywords: nuclear reactions

30.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.501L..28K)

EUV irradiation of exoplanet atmospheres occurs on Gyr time-scales

King, George W.

Keywords: planet-star interactions

31.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500L...1A)

Stellar flares versus luminosity: XUV-induced atmospheric escape and planetary habitability

Atri, Dimitra

Keywords: stars: flare

32.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.5639V)

High-cadence, early-time observations of core-collapse supernovae from the TESS prime mission

Vallely, P. J.

Keywords: techniques: photometric

33.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.4560P)

X-ray irradiation and evaporation of the four young planets around V1298 Tau

Poppenhaeger, K.

Keywords: planets and satellites: atmospheres

34.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.3908R)

A multiwavelength study of the dual nuclei in Mrk 212

Rubinur, K.

Keywords: galaxies: active

35.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500.2451W)

High-resolution spectroscopy of the hot Am star HR 3383

Wahlgren, G. M.

Keywords: atomic data

36.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500..998A)

uGMRT detection of associated H I 21-cm absorption at z ≍ 3.5

Aditya, J. N. H. S.

Keywords: galaxies: active

37.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500..684M)

On the partial eruption of a bifurcated solar filament structure

Monga, Aabha

Keywords: Sun: coronal mass ejections (CMEs)

38.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500..558M)

Double-peaked Lyman α emission at z = 6.803: a reionization-era galaxy self-ionizing its local H II bubble

Meyer, Romain A.

Keywords: galaxies: high-redshift

39.- Jan 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.500..481B)

Implications of Einstein-Maxwell dilaton-axion gravity from the black hole continuum spectrum

Banerjee, Indrani

Keywords: accretion

40.- Jan 2021 - Icar - (2021Icar..35414095B)

Tropopause and lower stratosphere winds and eddy fluxes on Saturn as seen by Cassini imaging

Barbara, John M.

Keywords: Saturn
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41.- Jan 2021 - Icar - (2021Icar..35413929S)

A Monte Carlo model of energy deposition, ionization, and sputtering due to thermal ion precipitation into Titan's upper atmosphere

Snowden, Darci

Keywords: Titan
(c) 2021 Elsevier Inc.

42.- Jan 2021 - Icar - (2021Icar..35313598P)

Impact of gradients at the martian terminator on the retrieval of ozone from SPICAM/MEx

Piccialli, A.

Keywords: Mars
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43.- Jan 2021 - AJ - (2021AJ....161...29Z)

A Method to Extract Spatially Resolved Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emission from Spitzer Spectra: Application to M51

Zhang, Lulu

Keywords: Interstellar medium