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Dec 2020 - 49 Abstracts found

1.- Dec 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.499L.105M)

The discovery of the most UV-Ly α luminous star-forming galaxy: a young, dust- and metal-poor starburst with QSO-like luminosities

Marques-Chaves, R.

Keywords: galaxies: formation

2.- Dec 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.499L..41K)

The newly discovered Be/X-ray binary Swift J004516.6-734703 in the SMC: witnessing the emergence of a circumstellar disc

Kennea, J. A.

Keywords: stars: emission line

3.- Dec 2020 - JApA - (2020JApA...41...35R)

The horizontal branch morphology of the globular cluster NGC 1261 using AstroSat

Rani, Sharmila

Keywords: Galaxy: globular clusters: individual: NGC 1261

4.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...905L...5U)

Application of The Wind-driven Model to a Sample of Tidal Disruption Events

Uno, Kohki

Keywords: Transient sources

5.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...905...90C)

Formation of Smaller Anions from CnN- (n = 1-3, 5-7) in the Circumstellar Medium

Chacko, Roby

Keywords: Astrochemistry

6.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...905...88Y)

Surface Energy of the Titan Aerosol Analog "Tholin"

Yu, Xinting

Keywords: Saturnian satellites

7.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...905...63C)

PSR J1641+3627F: A Low-mass He White Dwarf Orbiting a Possible High-mass Neutron Star in the Globular Cluster M13

Cadelano, Mario

Keywords: Binary pulsars

8.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...905...44S)

Peculiarities in the Horizontal Branch Stars of Globular Cluster NGC 1851: Discovery of a Blue Straggler Companion to an EHB Star

Singh, Gaurav

Keywords: Globular star clusters

9.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...905...23Z)

A Flare-type IV Burst Event from Proxima Centauri and Implications for Space Weather

Zic, Andrew

Keywords: Flare stars

10.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904..180O)

Broadband Selection, Spectroscopic Identification, and Physical Properties of a Population of Extreme Emission-line Galaxies at 3 < z < 3.7

Onodera, Masato

Keywords: High-redshift galaxies

11.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904..139S)

NGC 7538 IRS1—an O Star Driving an Ionized Jet and Giant N–S Outflow

Sandell, Göran

Keywords: Radio jets

12.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904..136E)

Temperature Structure of the Pipe Nebula Studied by the Intensity Anomaly of the OH 18 cm Transition

Ebisawa, Yuji

Keywords: Molecular clouds

13.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904..120G)

Accretion and Intercycle Variations in the PMS Interacting Binary AK Sco

Gómez de Castro, Ana I.

Keywords: Interacting binary stars

14.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904..115L)

Element Abundances in the Unshocked Ejecta of Cassiopeia A

Laming, J. Martin

Keywords: Supernova remnants

15.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904...95Z)

Spectroscopic Observations of High-speed Downflows in a C1.7 Solar Flare

Zhou, Yi-An

Keywords: Solar magnetic reconnection

16.- Dec 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160..282T)

Endogenic and Exogenic Contributions to Visible-wavelength Spectra of Europa's Trailing Hemisphere

Trumbo, Samantha K.

Keywords: Galilean satellites

17.- Dec 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160..269M)

Estimating the Ultraviolet Emission of M Dwarfs with Exoplanets from Ca II and Hα

Melbourne, Katherine

Keywords: Exoplanet atmospheres

18.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A.132U)

Estimating the size of X-ray lamppost coronae in active galactic nuclei

Ursini, F.

Keywords: black hole physics

20.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A.109G)

Quiet-Sun hydrogen Lyman-α line profile derived from SOHO/SUMER solar-disk observations

Gunár, S.

Keywords: Sun: UV radiation

21.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A..67S)

Ca II H&K stellar activity parameter: a proxy for extreme ultraviolet stellar fluxes

Sreejith, A. G.

Keywords: ultraviolet: stars

23.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A..39D)

MUSE observations towards the lensing cluster A2744: Intersection between the LBG and LAE populations at z ∼ 3–7

de La Vieuville, G.

Keywords: gravitational lensing: strong

24.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A..38D)

Distribution of star formation in galactic bars as seen with Hα and stacked GALEX UV imaging

Díaz-García, S.

Keywords: galaxies: structure

25.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A..22N)

Influence of ice structure on the soft UV photochemistry of PAHs embedded in solid water

Noble, J. A.

Keywords: methods: laboratory: molecular

26.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A..21R)

Reconciling escape fractions and observed line emission in Lyman-continuum-leaking galaxies

Ramambason, L.

Keywords: galaxies: starburst

27.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A..18M)

Differential rotation of the solar corona: A new data-adaptive multiwavelength approach

Mancuso, S.

Keywords: Sun: corona

28.- Dec 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.499L.116H)

The search for magnetic fields in two Wolf-Rayet stars and the discovery of a variable magnetic field in WR 55

Hubrig, S.

Keywords: techniques: polarimetric

29.- Dec 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.499L..67V)

Probing the circumstellar medium 2.8 Gyr after the big bang: detection of Bowen fluorescence in the Sunburst arc

Vanzella, E.

Keywords: gravitational lensing: strong

30.- Dec 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.499L..21P)

Discovery of a hot ultramassive rapidly rotating DBA white dwarf

Pshirkov, M. S.

Keywords: white dwarfs

31.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...905..101T)

Transition Probabilities and Collision Strengths for Fine-structure Levels Excitation of Ti II

Tayal, S. S.

Keywords: Laboratory astrophysics

32.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...905...26L)

Relation of Coronal Rain Originating from Coronal Condensations to Interchange Magnetic Reconnection

Li, Leping

Keywords: Solar magnetic reconnection

33.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...905...17P)

A Fast, Simple, Robust Algorithm for Coronal Temperature Reconstruction

Plowman, Joseph

Keywords: Quiet Sun

34.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...905...15V)

Using SDO/AIA to Understand the Thermal Evolution of Solar Prominence Formation

Viall, Nicholeen M.

Keywords: Quiescent solar prominence

35.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...905....7C)

Near-infrared and Optical Continuum Emission Region Size Measurements in the Gravitationally lensed Quasars Q0957+561 and SBS0909+532

Cornachione, Matthew A.

Keywords: Quasar microlensing

36.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904L..27N)

The Role of Far-ultraviolet Pumping in Exciting the [O I] Lines in Protostellar Disks and Winds

Nemer, Ahmad

Keywords: Protoplanetary disks

37.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904..199W)

Small-scale Flux Emergence, Coronal Hole Heating, and Flux-tube Expansion: A Hybrid Solar Wind Model

Wang, Y.-M.

Keywords: Solar coronal holes

38.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904..131N)

No Evidence for [C II] Halos or High-velocity Outflows in z ≳ 6 Quasar Host Galaxies

Novak, Mladen

Keywords: AGN host galaxies

39.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904..111K)

The Infrared Medium-deep Survey. VIII. Quasar Luminosity Function at z ∼ 5

Kim, Yongjung

Keywords: Quasars

40.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904...94S)

Radio and X-Ray Observations of Short-lived Episodes of Electron Acceleration in a Solar Microflare

Sharma, Rohit

Keywords: The Sun

41.- Dec 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...904...87L)

Hinode/EIS Measurements of Active-region Magnetic Fields

Landi, E.

Keywords: Solar magnetic fields

42.- Dec 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160..271D)

The ALFALFA-SDSS Galaxy Catalog

Durbala, Adriana

Keywords: Galaxies

43.- Dec 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160..258K)

Nondetection of Helium in the Upper Atmospheres of Three Sub-Neptune Exoplanets

Kasper, David

Keywords: Exoplanet atmospheres

44.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A.137J)

A new trigger mechanism for coronal mass ejections. The role of confined flares and photospheric motions in the formation of hot flux ropes

James, A. W.

Keywords: Sun: coronal mass ejections (CMEs)

46.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A..79G)

More insights into bar quenching. Multi-wavelength analysis of four barred galaxies

George, K.

Keywords: galaxies: star formation

47.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A..28P)

Exploring the coronal evolution of AR 12473 using time-dependent, data-driven magnetofrictional modelling

Price, D. J.

Keywords: Sun: coronal mass ejections (CMEs)

48.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A..27B)

Formation of the Musca filament: evidence for asymmetries in the accretion flow due to a cloud-cloud collision

Bonne, L.

Keywords: ISM: structure

49.- Dec 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...644A...4S)

Using HCO+ isotopologues as tracers of gas depletion in protoplanetary disk gaps

Smirnov-Pinchukov, Grigorii V.

Keywords: astrochemistry