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Oct 2021 - 115 Abstracts found

1.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.tmp.2821T)

Progenitor and close-in Circumstellar Medium of Type II Supernova 2020fqv from high-cadence photometry and ultra-rapid UV spectroscopy

Tinyanont, Samaporn

Keywords: supernovae: individual: SN 2020fqv

2.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.507.3046R)

Constraints on warm dark matter from UV luminosity functions of high-z galaxies with Bayesian model comparison

Rudakovskyi, Anton

Keywords: galaxies: luminosity function

3.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.507.2373P)

UOCS - VI. UVIT/AstroSat detection of low-mass white dwarf companions to four more blue stragglers in M67

Pandey, Sindhu

Keywords: blue stragglers

4.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.507.1296O)

Swift/UVOT follow-up of gravitational wave alerts in the O3 era

Oates, S. R.

Keywords: gravitational waves

6.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.507.1216W)

Jupiter's X-ray aurora during UV dawn storms and injections as observed by XMM-Newton, Hubble, and Hisaki

Wibisono, A. D.

Keywords: planets and satellites: aurorae

7.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.507..919L)

Hubble diagram at higher redshifts: model independent calibration of quasars

Li, Xiaolei

Keywords: Cosmology: observations

8.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.507..548L)

The origin of the dust extinction curve in milky way-like galaxies

Li, Qi

Keywords: (ISM:) dust

9.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.507..524M)

The UV-brightest Lyman continuum emitting star-forming galaxy

Marques-Chaves, R.

Keywords: galaxies: evolution

10.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.507..156G)

Supernova explosions in active galactic nuclear discs

Grishin, Evgeni

Keywords: hydrodynamics

11.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.506.6160M)

eBASCS: Disentangling overlapping astronomical sources II, using spatial, spectral, and temporal information

Meyer, Antoine D.

Keywords: methods: statistical

12.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.506.5750M)

Probing large-scale UV background inhomogeneity associated with quasars using metal absorption

Morrison, Sean

Keywords: intergalactic medium

13.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.506.5703K)

High-resolution synthetic UV-submm images for simulated Milky Way-type galaxies from the Auriga project

Kapoor, Anand Utsav

Keywords: radiative transfer

14.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.506.5640N)

Discovery of extremely low-metallicity circumgalactic gas at z = 0.5 towards Q0454-220

Norris, Jackson M.

Keywords: galaxies: evolution

15.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.506.5373E)

Ultraviolet line profiles of slowly rotating massive star winds using the 'analytic dynamical magnetosphere' formalism

Erba, C.

Keywords: line: profiles

16.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.506.5153M)

Growth of aggregates with liquid-like ice shells in protoplanetary discs

Musiolik, Grzegorz

Keywords: software: simulations

17.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.506.4952S)

Differential rotation of the solar transition region from STEREO/EUVI 30.4-nm images

Sharma, Jaidev

Keywords: Sun: activity

18.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.506.4676M)

Intrinsic metallicity variation in the intermediate mass type II globular cluster NGC 1261

Muñoz, C.

Keywords: stars: abundances

20.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...89J)

UOCS. IV. Discovery of diverse hot companions to blue stragglers in the old open cluster King 2

Jadhav, Vikrant V.

Keywords: Open star clusters (1160)

21.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...88B)

Potential UV standards for UVIT filter system

Bhargavi, S. G.

Keywords: UVIT

22.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...86H)

The sharpest ultraviolet view of the star formation in an extreme environment of the nearest Jellyfish Galaxy IC 3418

Hota, Ananda

Keywords: Galaxies: star formation

23.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...85D)

A comparison of the UV and HI properties of the extended UV (XUV) disk galaxies NGC 2541, NGC 5832 and ESO406-042

Das, M.

Keywords: UV astronomy

24.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...84L)

New results from the UVIT survey of the Andromeda galaxy

Leahy, D. A.

Keywords: UV astronomy—galaxies: M31

25.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...81P)

Spectro-timing analysis of a highly variable narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 4748 with AstroSat and XMM-Newton

Pal, Main

Keywords: Accretion—accretion discs

26.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...71R)

Planetary nebulae with UVIT: A progress report

Rao, N. Kameswara

Keywords: Stars: AGB and post-AGB

27.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...66P)

UV photometry of spotted stars in the horizontal branch of the globular cluster NGC 2808 using AstroSat

Prabhu, Deepthi S.

Keywords: Galaxy: globular clusters: individual (NGC 2808)

28.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...59S)

The central region of the enigmatic Malin 1

Saha, Kanak

Keywords: Galaxies: structure

29.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...57D)

UVIT observation of Milky Way satellite galaxy Reticulum II

Divakar, Devika K.

Keywords: Ultra-Violet Imaging Telescope

30.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...51E)

AstroSat view of the NLS1 galaxy Mrk 335

Ezhikode, Savithri H.

Keywords: Active galactic nuclei—narrow-line Seyfert 1—Mrk 335—X-ray—ultra-violet

31.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...50M)

A tale of two nearby dwarf irregular galaxies WLM and IC 2574: As revealed by UVIT

Mondal, Chayan

Keywords: Galaxies: dwarf irregular

32.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...49D)

Calibration of AstroSat/UVIT gratings and spectral responses

Dewangan, G. C.

Keywords: Ultraviolet astronomy

33.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...47R)

UOCS. V. UV study of the old open cluster NGC 188 using AstroSat

Rani, Sharmila

Keywords: Galaxy: open clusters: individual: NGC 188

34.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...46D)

A pair of UV nuclei or a compact star-forming region near the active nucleus in Mrk 766?

Deka, P. P.

Keywords: Galaxies

35.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...42K)

Study of Galactic structure using UVIT/AstroSat star counts

Kumar, Ranjan

Keywords: Stars: distances

36.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...39R)

Multi-wavelength view of the galactic black-hole binary GRS 1716-249

Rout, Sandeep K.

Keywords: Black holes

37.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...36K)

UVIT study of UV bright stars in the globular cluster NGC 4147

Kumar, Ranjan

Keywords: Galaxy: globular clusters: individual: NGC 4147

38.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...34V)

Imaging and photometric studies of NGC 1316 (Fornax A) using Astrosat/UVIT

Vagshette, Nilkanth D.

Keywords: Galaxies: formation

39.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...20G)

In-orbit performance of UVIT over the past 5 years

Ghosh, S. K.

Keywords: Space vehicles: AstroSat

40.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...19S)

AstroSat: Concept to achievements

Seetha, S.

Keywords: AstroSat—space mission—accretion—X-ray binaries—stars—stellar clusters—galaxies

41.- Oct 2021 - ExA - (2021ExA...tmp..134C)

UV exploration of the solar system

Chaufray, Jean-Yves

Keywords: Solar system

42.- Oct 2021 - ExA - (2021ExA...tmp..126B)

Pre-flight qualification tests of the Mini-EUSO telescope engineering model

Bisconti, F.

Keywords: Mini-EUSO

43.- Oct 2021 - ExA - (2021ExA...tmp..124B)

The search for living worlds and the connection to our cosmic origins

Barstow, M. A.

Keywords: Telescope

44.- Oct 2021 - ExA - (2021ExA....52..125A)

Extreme Universe Space Observatory on a Super Pressure Balloon 1 calibration: from the laboratory to the desert

Adams, J. H.

Keywords: EUSO-SPB1

45.- Oct 2021 - AsBio - (2021AsBio..21.1237M)

Potential for Phototrophy in Venus' Clouds

Mogul, Rakesh

2021: Rakesh Mogul et al.

46.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920L..25S)

Evidence of a Tidal-disruption Event in GSN 069 from the Abnormal Carbon and Nitrogen Abundance Ratio

Sheng, Zhenfeng

Keywords: Active galactic nuclei

47.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920..129J)

Integrated Photometry of Multiple Stellar Populations in Globular Clusters

Jang, S.

Keywords: Globular star clusters

48.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920..127J)

AT 2019qyl in NGC 300: Internal Collisions in the Early Outflow from a Very Fast Nova in a Symbiotic Binary

Jencson, Jacob E.

Keywords: Novae

49.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920..122D)

Detection of Lyman Continuum from 3.0 < z < 3.5 Galaxies in the HETDEX Survey

Davis, Dustin

Keywords: Reionization

50.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920..120Y)

Multi-wavelength Observations of AT2019wey: a New Candidate Black Hole Low-mass X-ray Binary

Yao, Yuhan

Keywords: Low-mass x-ray binary stars

52.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920..107L)

ASASSN-15hy: An Underluminous, Red 03fg-like Type Ia Supernova

Lu, J.

Keywords: White dwarf stars

53.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920...96L)

DirtyGrid II: An Analysis of the Dust and Stellar Properties in Nearby Star-forming Galaxies

Law, Ka-Hei

Keywords: Interstellar dust

54.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920...95D)

The MOSDEF-LRIS Survey: Probing the ISM/CGM Structure of Star-forming Galaxies at z 2 Using Rest-UV Spectroscopy

Du, Xinnan

Keywords: Interstellar medium

55.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920...90F)

Far-UV and Optical Emissions from Three Very Large Supernova Remnants Located at Unusually High Galactic Latitudes

Fesen, Robert A.

Keywords: Supernova remnants

56.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920...83S)

H I-to-H2 Transitions in Dust-free Interstellar Gas

Sternberg, Amiel

Keywords: Interstellar medium

57.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920...56F)

A Family Tree of Optical Transients from Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies

Frederick, Sara

Keywords: Accretion

58.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920...25Q)

Flare-induced Sunquake Signatures in the Ultraviolet as Observed by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly

Quinn, Sean

Keywords: Solar physics

59.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920...24C)

Multiphase Powerful Outflows Detected in High-z Quasars

Chartas, G.

Keywords: Galaxy evolution

60.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920...15M)

Minute-timescale Variability in the X-ray Emission of the Highest Redshift Blazar

Moretti, Alberto

Keywords: Blazars

61.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920...12H)

A Possible Tidal Disruption Event Candidate in the Black Hole Binary System of OJ 287

Huang, Shifeng

Keywords: Tidal disruption

62.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...919L..32A)

Could Nearby Star-forming Galaxies Light Up the Pointlike Neutrino Sky?

Ambrosone, Antonio

Keywords: Starburst galaxies

63.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...919..142B)

A Bright Ultraviolet Excess in the Transitional 02es-like Type Ia Supernova 2019yvq

Burke, J.

Keywords: Type Ia supernovae

64.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...919..120M)

The Evolution of the Lyman-alpha Luminosity Function during Reionization

Morales, Alexa M.

Keywords: Reionization

65.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...919..104D)

Radiative Transfer Modeling of an SN 1987A Light Echo-AT 2019xis

Ding, Jiachen

Keywords: Interstellar dust

68.- Oct 2021 - AJ - (2021AJ....162..138R)

HST PanCET Program: A Complete Near-UV to Infrared Transmission Spectrum for the Hot Jupiter WASP-79b

Rathcke, Alexander D.

Keywords: Exoplanet atmospheres

69.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A.141L)

The origin of X-ray emission in 3CRR sources: Hints from mid-infrared Spitzer observations

Li, Shuang-Liang

Keywords: accretion

70.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A.135D)

Molecular gas and star formation within 12 strong galactic bars observed with IRAM-30 m

Díaz-García, S.

Keywords: galaxies: star formation

71.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A.121P)

Spectroscopic observations of PHz G237.01+42.50: A galaxy protocluster at z = 2.16 in the Cosmos field

Polletta, M.

Keywords: large-scale structure of Universe

72.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A.112A)

Multiwavelength observations of a metric type-II event

Alissandrakis, C. E.

Keywords: Sun: radio radiation

73.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A..94M)

The H I absorption zoo: JVLA extension to z ∼ 0.4

Murthy, Suma

Keywords: galaxies: active

74.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A..93B)

Polar dust obscuration in broad-line active galaxies from the XMM-XXL field

Buat, V.

Keywords: galaxies: active

75.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A..80S)

Recovery and analysis of rest-frame UV emission lines in 2052 galaxies observed with MUSE at 1.5 < z < 6.4

Schmidt, K. B.

Keywords: ultraviolet: galaxies

77.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A..38P)

Multiwavelength analysis and modeling of OJ 287 during 2017-2020

Prince, Raj

Keywords: galaxies: active

78.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A..31J)

Balmer continuum enhancement detected in a mini flare observed with IRIS

Joshi, Reetika

Keywords: Sun: chromosphere

79.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A..19D)

Refined fundamental parameters of Canopus from combined near-IR interferometry and spectral energy distribution

Domiciano de Souza, A.

Keywords: stars: fundamental parameters

80.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.507.2755L)

Geometry effects on dust attenuation curves with different grain sources at high redshift

Lin, Yen-Hsing

Keywords: radiative transfer

81.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.507.1923J)

Uncovering fossils of the distant Milky Way with UNIONS: NGC 5466 and its stellar stream

Jensen, Jaclyn

Keywords: globular clusters: individual: NGC 5466

82.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.507..594K)

Optical emission-line spectra of symbiotic binaries

Kuuttila, J.

Keywords: accretion

83.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.506.6052O)

Thermal state of the intergalactic medium near to the optical limit for the Ly α forest

Ondro, Tomáš

Keywords: intergalactic medium

85.- Oct 2021 - MNRAS - (2021MNRAS.506.4819P)

SN 2019hcc: a Type II supernova displaying early O II lines

Parrag, Eleonora

Keywords: line: formation

86.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...62K)

Innovations in the AOCS of AstroSat spacecraft

Khoral, Jasvinder Singh

Keywords: Attitude and Orbit Control System

87.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...53S)

Study of dynamical status of the globular cluster NGC 1851 using ultraviolet imaging telescope

Singh, Gaurav

Keywords: Galaxy: globular

88.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...45G)

AstroSat science operations and userbase

Girish, V.

Keywords: AstroSat

89.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...41K)

Contamination control of UVIT

Kathiravan, S.

Keywords: Molecular contamination

90.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...35R)

JUDE (Jayant's UVIT Data Explorer) pipeline user manual

Rahna, P. T.

Keywords: Ultraviolet

91.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...31R)

Dorado and its member galaxies II: A UVIT picture of the NGC 1533 substructure

Rampazzo, R.

Keywords: Ultraviolet: galaxies—galaxies: elliptical and lenticular

92.- Oct 2021 - JApA - (2021JApA...42...25J)

Curvit: An open-source Python package to generate light curves from UVIT data

Joseph, P.

Keywords: AstroSat—UVIT—variability

93.- Oct 2021 - ApJS - (2021ApJS..256...46S)

The Extinction and Distance of the MBM Molecular Clouds at High Galactic Latitude

Sun, Mingxu

Keywords: Interstellar dust

94.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920L..15R)

When Hot Meets Cold: Post-flare Coronal Rain

Ruan, Wenzhi

Keywords: Solar physics

95.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920..116C)

Forward Modeling of Solar Coronal Magnetic-field Measurements Based on a Magnetic-field-induced Transition in Fe X

Chen, Yajie

Keywords: Magnetohydrodynamics

96.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920...78B)

The z 2 [O III] Luminosity Function of Grism-selected Emission-line Galaxies

Bowman, William P.

Keywords: Galaxy evolution

97.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...920...75L)

Could the Local Cavity be an Irregularly Shaped Strömgren Sphere?

Linsky, Jeffrey L.

Keywords: Diffuse x-ray background

98.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...919L..21L)

Formation of a Solar Filament by Magnetic Reconnection and Coronal Condensation

Li, Leping

Keywords: Solar magnetic reconnection

99.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...919L..18S)

Influence of Heliolatitudinal Anisotropy of Solar FUV/EUV Emissions on Lyα Helioglow: SOHO/SWAN Observations and WawHelioGlow Modeling

Strumik, M.

Keywords: Solar ultraviolet emission

100.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...919..132B)

Understanding Heating in Active Region Cores through Machine Learning. II. Classifying Observations

Barnes, W. T.

Keywords: Active solar corona

101.- Oct 2021 - ApJ - (2021ApJ...919...98A)

Connecting the Low to the High Corona: A Method to Isolate Transients in STEREO/COR1 Images

Alzate, Nathalia

Keywords: Solar wind

102.- Oct 2021 - AJ - (2021AJ....162..132M)

Atmospheric Transmission Spectroscopy of Hot Jupiter KELT-10b using Synthetic Telluric Correction Software

McCloat, Sean

Keywords: Exoplanet atmospheres

103.- Oct 2021 - AJ - (2021AJ....162..126D)

Observations of the Bright Star in the Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae (NGC 104)

Dixon, W. V.

Keywords: Stellar abundances

104.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654L...8C)

SUPER. VI. A giant molecular halo around a z∼2 quasar

Cicone, C.

Keywords: galaxies: active

105.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654L...7Y)

Mercury's exospheric He I 58.4 nm emission: Dependence on the orbital phase

Yoneda, M.

Keywords: planets and satellites: atmospheres

106.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654L...5P)

The key impact of the host star's rotational history on the evolution of TOI-849b

Pezzotti, C.

Keywords: planet-star interactions

107.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A.172W)

Photoionisation of the CH radical using the B-spline R-matrix method

Wang, Kedong

Keywords: molecular data

108.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A.171B)

Ion-driven organic chemistry for Titan-like atmospheres: Implications for N-dominated super-Earth exoplanets

Bourgalais, J.

Keywords: planets and satellites: atmospheres

109.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A.163C)

CARMENES detection of the Ca II infrared triplet and possible evidence of He I in the atmosphere of WASP-76b

Casasayas-Barris, N.

Keywords: planets and satellites: atmospheres

111.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A.124W)

Does a long-lived remnant neutron star exist after short gamma-ray burst GRB 160821B?

Wu, Guang-Lei

Keywords: gravitational waves

113.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A..65G)

Impact of size-dependent grain temperature on gas-grain chemistry in protoplanetary disks: The case of low-mass star disks

Gavino, S.

Keywords: circumstellar matter

114.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A..64J)

Generation of interplanetary type II radio emission

Jebaraj, I. C.

Keywords: Sun: particle emission

115.- Oct 2021 - A&A - (2021A&A...654A..37D)

Kinematics and star formation of high-redshift hot dust-obscured quasars as seen by ALMA

Díaz-Santos, Tanio

Keywords: galaxies: formation