Bibliography : Solar and Planetary Physics

Nov 2021 - 4 Abstracts found

1.- Nov 2021 - SoPh - (2021SoPh..296..172G)

Origin of the Solar Rotation Harmonics Seen in the EUV and UV Irradiance

Giono, G.

Keywords: EUV and UV radiation

2.- Nov 2021 - SoPh - (2021SoPh..296..171H)

Multi-Wavelength Observations of Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in a Solar Flare

Hong, Zhenxiang

Keywords: Solar flares

3.- Nov 2021 - SoPh - (2021SoPh..296..169Z)

CME-Driven and Flare-Ignited Fast Magnetosonic Waves Detected in a Solar Eruption

Zhou, Xinping

Keywords: Waves

4.- Nov 2021 - P&SS - (2021P&SS..20705337L)

Lander and rover histories of dust accumulation on and removal from solar arrays on Mars

Lorenz, Ralph D.

Keywords: Solar power
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