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Oct 2021 - 4 Abstracts found

1.- Oct 2021 - JATIS - (2021JATIS...7d4003H)

Updated radiometric and wavelength calibration of the Juno ultraviolet spectrograph

Hue, Vincent

Keywords: calibration
(c) 2021: 2021 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)

2.- Oct 2021 - FrASS - (2021FrASS...8..174Z)

Identification of DNA bases and their cations in Astrochemical environments: Computational Spectroscopy of Thymine as a test case

Zhao, Yage

Keywords: Vibrational spectra
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3.- Oct 2021 - Ap&SS - (2021Ap&SS.366...94B)

Non-equilibrium ionisation plasmas in the interstellar medium

Breitschwerdt, Dieter

Keywords: Interstellar medium: hydrodynamics

4.- Oct 2021 - JATIS - (2021JATIS...7d8005H)

Polarization modeling and predictions for DKIST, part 9: flux distribution with FIDO

Harrington, David M.

Keywords: instrumentation
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