Small Missions

The exploration of space and, in particular, astrophysics experiments, are now done primarily by missions conducted under the aegis of the major space agencies with a tendency towards %u201Clarger and heavier%u201D payloads, driving the cost of missions to hundreds of Millions of dollars or Euros and more. This tendency is exhibited in the latest missions developed by NASA, ESA, ROSCOSMOS, JAXA, and CSA, and prevents the running of experiments or observations on a schedule faster than about a decade.

While this does not seem to be an acute problem for other spectral domains, the astronomy in the ultraviolet is the domain suffering mostly since there is no continuity of missions that would keep the know-how alive. This section is intended to facilitate the interaction among interested bodies in the academia and in the industry to develop together small projects on: balloons, rockets and minisats.

We provide a working space for those who want to lead an ultraviolet proposal. To start a project, send a brief scientific summary to and we will contact you.