Ultraviolet Sky Surveys - Talks

Beitia-Antero, Leire   -   Distribution of small dust grains in Orion. A GALEX-based study.

Conti, Lauro   -   MCP detector development for UV space missions

Fossati, Luca   -   Exoplanet science at UV wavelengths

Gómez de Castro, Ana Inés   -   On the potentials of Ly-a monitorings for exoplanets studies

Heap, Sara   -   The UV Mission Concept, CETUS

Hutching, John   -   The ASTROSAT/UVIT mission: preliminary results

Hutching, John   -    The CASTOR mission

Kaspi, Shai   -   Measuring Supermassive Black Holes via Reverberation Mapping in the UV

Linsky, Jeffrey   -   Probing the Local ISM with UV Spectroscopy

Linsky, Jeffrey   -   UV Astronomy through the Ages

Marcos-Arenal, Pablo   -   WSO-UV Simulator applied to the detectability of spectral lines

Mickaelian, Areg   -    UV properties of Markarian galaxies

Murthy, Jayant   -   Small Scientific Payloads at IIA

Rampazzo, Roberto   -   Investigating early-type galaxy evolution with a multiwavelength approach

Ribak, Erez   -   UV compact telescope mission

Shustov, Boris   -   Comets in the UV

Shustov, Boris   -   World Space Observatory %uF02D Ultraviolet remains very relevant

Silva, Marta   -   Simulation of UV emission from galaxies and from the IGM

Sugarov, Sergey   -   Detection of the appearance and disappearance of superhumps in thecataclysmic variable RZ LMi in the `U` passband

Toloza, Odette   -   New constraints to the single degenerate channel from failed SNeIa    

Ustamujic, Sabina   -   MHD simulations of protostellar jets

Vallejo, Juan C.   -   Building the WSO-UV Science Control Centre: the Mission Data Archive

Youngblood, Allison   -   The MUSCLES Treasury Survey: UV characterization of 11 nearby exoplanet host stars