Ultraviolet Working Group meeting during the XXX GA of the IAU

Road map, WG activities past and future - Ana I. Gómez de Castro and Noah Brosch

The LUVOIR project. Facilities, Technologies and Data Science. A review on the technological requirements and the associated facilities - Walt Harris

The current status of the WSO-UV project. Facilities for testing and verification - Boris Shustov

Ultraviolet Surveys: the needs and the means - Noah Brosch and Ana I. Gómez de Castro

The MESSIER project, unveiling galaxy formation - David Valls-Galbaud

UVSat - a concept of UV/visual double-telescope photometric microsatellite - Andrzej Pigulski

The gNUVA interface for collaborative project on small UV projects - Leire Beitia and Ana I. Gómez de Castro