Massive Stars Near and Far

Ballyconnell, Ireland - 03.04.2021

The 361st International Astronomical Union (IAU) Symposium will be held in Ballyconnell, Ireland in May 2020. This international conference will bring together observational and theoretical astrophysicists to discuss all aspects of massive stars, their formation, evolution and ultimately their demise as supernovae. The special focus for this conference is on massive stars in the early Universe, how they lived and died, and how they compare with massive stars in our Galaxy.

The Massive Stars Commission (G2) of the IAU’s Stars and Stellar Physics Division organises a symposium, typically held every 4 years, to present the latest research findings, discuss the status of current research in massive stars, and chart the way forward for future research. The first meeting was in Argentina in 1971, and in the last decade we organised “Massive Stars: from Alpha to Omega” in Greece (2013) and “IAUS 329: The Lives and Death Throes of Massive Stars” in New Zealand (2016).

Ireland has a young and growing research community investigating massive stars and supernovae. Its membership of the European Space Agency (ESA) and recent accession in 2018 to the European Southern Observatory (ESO) opens up tremendous opportunities for Irish scientists to access world-leading facilities that are key for gaining new insight into massive stars. The Irish astrophysics community is excited to welcome researchers from all over the world to IAU Symposium 361: Massive Stars Near and Far.

IAUS361 has been postponed from 18-22 May 2020 to 3-7 May 2021 because of health risks and global travel disruption from COVID-19.

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