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Fifth data release from the ULLYSES HST program


Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the fifth data release (DR5) from the ULLYSES (UV Legacy Library of Young Stars as Essential Standards) Director%u2019s Discretionary program with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST).

ULLYSES DR5 includes data for 325 targets that are distributed as follows:

Medium-resolution COS FUV spectra for 85 T Tauri stars, 41 of which also have customized calibrations of low-resolution STIS NUV-optical-NIR spectra. These customized calibrations include the de-fringing of G750L NIR spectra and tailored extraction of companions, see Proffitt et al. 2021.
COS spectroscopic time series for the four T Tauri stars monitored over three rotational periods: TW Hya, BP Tau, RU Lup, and GM Aur. This includes the second epoch of observations for TW Hya observed in Spring 2022.
LCOGT photometric time series in the V and i' bands for 40 T Tauri stars. For the 4 stars monitored by HST (TW Hya, BP Tau, RU Lup, GM Aur), the LCOGT time series also include the u' band.
STIS G230L, G430L, and G750L spectra of 9 low-mass stellar companions present in the long-slit observations of ULLYSES T Tauri targets
Medium- and high-resolution UV spectra and associated high-level science products (HLSPs; co-added and abutted spectra) obtained with HST for 233 massive stars in the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds.
Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) spectra of 122 massive stars in the LMC and SMC. The highest level HLSPs include the HST and FUSE spectra abutted together.
COS/FUV/G140L/800 spectra of 3 massive stars in the low metallicity galaxy NGC 3109
Drizzled WFC3 HLSPs of NGC 3109 and Sextans A in the F225W, F275W, F336W, F475W, and F814W bands. These images were used to estimate the SED and UV flux of the 6 ULLYSES massive, low-metallicity stars with follow-up COS G140L/800 spectroscopy. The corresponding photometry is included in the ULLYSES low-metallicity target page.

The data can be found at the data download webpage of the ULLYSES website (HLSPs and contributing data), the MAST Data Discovery Portal (HLSPs and contributing data), or directly at the HLSP collection for ULLYSES (HLSPs only). Complete data release notes describing the DR5 data products are available on the ULLYSES website.

For more information about the program and data, please visit the ULLYSES website. Questions regarding the program and data can be directed to the HST/ULLYSES helpdesk.

Kind regards,

The ULLYSES implementation team at STScI
Source : STScI