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Exploring Anonymising HST Proposing

Space Telescope Science Institute 20.02.2018

Exploring Anonymising HST Proposing

NASA’s Great Observatories are open to science proposals from anyone in the worldwide astronomical community. Maintaining equity and a level playing field for access is a high priority for the Director and staff at STScI. In support of that goal, a number of changes have been made to the format of HST proposals. Following discussion with the Space Telescope Users Committee, the Director has established a Working Group to explore options for further anonymizing the proposal format and developing appropriate guidelines for proposers and reviewers. The rationale behind this approach is summarized in a FAQ linked from these pages,  which also provide links to other associated materials.

At this juncture we are soliciting input from the community. Please send comments and feedback to hstanon at The closing date for submissions is March 7 2018.