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Ultraviolet Astronomy and the Quest of the Origin of Life


Ultraviolet Astronomy and the Quest of the Origin of Life

During these days, a session devoted to ultraviolet astronomy and the formation of pre-biotic molecules is taking place at Pasadena, California (Event E1.9 at Cospar).

This event has been programmed as a meeting point for the community investigating planetary system formation, the evolution of the young planetary disks, the interaction of stars with planetary atmospheres or the generation of complex, life precursor molecules to evaluate the needs for UV data and seek for coordination.

During these few days, the current status of research in this field will be addressed in three sessions devoted to:

[1] Star formation and the ultraviolet radiation budget around protostars;

[2]The impact of ultraviolet radiation from the star and the outflow in young planetary disk evolution and planet formation; and
[3] Dust surface chemistry in UV irradiated environments and the formation of large molecules.

The event will address both theoretical and observational aspects. At the end, a report will be produced on the data and facilities required for this field of research.

Confirmed invited speakers are:  Ilaria Pascucci (University of Arizona, U.S.A.), David Ehrenreich (Universite de Geneve, Switzerland), Maikel Rheinstadter (University of McMaster, Canada), Chandra Wickramasingue (University of Buckingham, UK)