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Overview: Ultraviolet Working Group meeting during the XXX GA of the IAU

L. Beitia-Antero & A.I. Gómez de Castro 03.10.2018

Overview: Ultraviolet Working Group meeting during the XXX GA of the IAU

The Ultraviolet Astronomy Working group met the 27th August, 2018, during the XXX General Assembly of the IAU in Vienna.

The first part of the meeting was focused on the importance of UV facilities and the current status of the field. Although the UV range is crucial to address fundamental problems in modern astrophysics, there is a lack of approved new mission by the main space agencies. Currently, there are four missions flying with some ultraviolet instrumentation (HST, XMM-Newton, Astrosat-UVIT and Swift) but only Hubble provides enough collecting area and versatile instrumentation to address the bulk of astrophysical problems.
WSO-UV will be successor of Hubble with the advantage that it will be dedicated to UV astronomy. WSO-UV will be flying by 2024, coexisting with Hubble for some years. The LUVOIR proposal is seen as the most ambitious large telescope to work in the UV, but a few years have to pass before NASA takes any decision about it, as it is competing with other projects. In the meantime, cubesat technology is evolving rapidly becoming a promising tool for small and well-focused UV projects. A call was raised among the community to lead or join to small UV initiatives.

Finally, the second purpose of the meeting was to gather the community to discuss about the definition of common UV photometric filters. It is indeed one of the main objectives of the working group, that will work for three additional years, and the discussion is open to all interested scientists. The working group on UV photometry will be settle soon and the community will be informed by this means.