Bibliography : Astronomy and Astrophysics

Aug 2020 - 41 Abstracts found

1.- Aug 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.497.3251W)

Clues on the history of early-type galaxies from SDSS spectra and GALEX photometry

Werle, A.

Keywords: galaxies: elliptical and lenticular

2.- Aug 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.497.2759L)

Ultraviolet and X-ray properties of Coma's ultra-diffuse galaxies

Lee, Chris H.

Keywords: galaxies: clusters: individual: Coma

3.- Aug 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.497.1842M)

SRG/eROSITA uncovers the most X-ray luminous quasar at z > 6

Medvedev, P.

Keywords: galaxies: active

4.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...899...73F)

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Reverberation Mapping Project: The Hβ Radius-Luminosity Relation

Fonseca Alvarez, Gloria

Keywords: Active galaxies

7.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...899...19C)

Coronal Mini-jets in an Activated Solar Tornado-like Prominence

Chen, Huadong

Keywords: The Sun

9.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...899....7B)

MCSED: A Flexible Spectral Energy Distribution Fitting Code and Its Application to z ∼ 2 Emission-line Galaxies

Bowman, William P.

Keywords: Galaxy formation

11.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...898L..33P)

Detectability of Molecular Signatures on TRAPPIST-1e through Transmission Spectroscopy Simulated for Future Space-based Observatories

Pidhorodetska, Daria

Keywords: Exoplanet atmospheres

12.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...898..170H)

FIREBall-2: The Faint Intergalactic Medium Redshifted Emission Balloon Telescope

Hamden, Erika

Keywords: Circumgalactic medium

13.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...898..169P)

The Energetics of Launching the Most Powerful Jets in Quasars: A Study of 3C 82

Punsly, Brian

Keywords: Black hole physics

14.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...898..161H)

The Rise and Fall of ASASSN-18pg: Following a TDE from Early to Late Times

Holoien, Thomas W.-S.

Keywords: Black holes

15.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...898..144K)

High-resolution Spectroscopy of an Erupting Minifilament and Its Impact on the Nearby Chromosphere

Kontogiannis, I.

Keywords: The Sun

17.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...898..131L)

A 3 mm Chemical Exploration of Small Organics in Class I YSOs

Le Gal, Romane

Keywords: Astrochemistry

18.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...898..129S)

A Mid-infrared Flare in the Active Galaxy MCG-02-04-026: Dust Echo of a Nuclear Transient Event

Sun, Luming

Keywords: Transient sources

19.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...898..128A)

Mapping Outflowing Gas in the Fermi Bubbles: A UV Absorption Survey of the Galactic Nuclear Wind

Ashley, Trisha

Keywords: Milky Way Galaxy

20.- Aug 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160...66P)

A Catalog of Holes and Shells in the Interstellar Medium of the LITTLE THINGS Dwarf Galaxies

Pokhrel, Nau Raj

Keywords: Dwarf irregular galaxies

22.- Aug 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...640A..67K)

Simulating JWST deep extragalactic imaging surveys and physical parameter recovery

Kauffmann, O. B.

Keywords: galaxies: high-redshift

23.- Aug 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...640A..39C)

Estimating black hole masses: Accretion disk fitting versus reverberation mapping and single epoch

Campitiello, Samuele

Keywords: galaxies: active

24.- Aug 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2319H)

The cooling-down central star of the planetary nebula SwSt 1: a late thermal pulse in a massive post-AGB star?

Hajduk, Marcin

Keywords: stars: AGB and post-AGB

26.- Aug 2020 - ApJS - (2020ApJS..249...21M)

Catalog of Solar Failed Eruptions and Other Dynamic Features Registered by SDO/AIA

Mrozek, Tomasz

Keywords: Solar activity

27.- Aug 2020 - ApJS - (2020ApJS..249...20R)

A Catalog of Solar Flare Events Observed by the SOHO/EIT

Rotti, Sumanth A.

Keywords: Solar flares

28.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...899L..13H)

Limits on the Spin-Orbit Angle and Atmospheric Escape for the 22 Myr Old Planet AU Mic b

Hirano, Teruyuki

Keywords: High resolution spectroscopy

29.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...899L..11K)

Discovery of High-velocity Hα Emission in the Direction of the Fermi Bubble

Krishnarao, Dhanesh

Keywords: Galactic center

30.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...899...68D)

Spatially Resolved Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Great Dimming of Betelgeuse

Dupree, Andrea K.

Keywords: M supergiant stars

31.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...899...51S)

Early Ultraviolet Observations of Type IIn Supernovae Constrain the Asphericity of Their Circumstellar Material

Soumagnac, Maayane T.

Keywords: Supernovae

32.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...898..126P)

Tracking and Seismological Analysis of Multiple Coronal Loops in an Active Region

Pascoe, D. J.

Keywords: Magnetohydrodynamics

33.- Aug 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...898..101Y)

Imaging and Spectral Study on the Null Point of a Fan-spine Structure During a Solar Flare

Yang, Shuhong

Keywords: Solar magnetic reconnection

34.- Aug 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...640L...7G)

Spatial regularity of the young stellar population in the ring of NGC 6217

Gusev, Alexander S.

Keywords: galaxies: individual: NGC 6217

35.- Aug 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...640A..65C)

Molecular gas in CLASH brightest cluster galaxies at z ∼ 0.2 - 0.9

Castignani, G.

Keywords: galaxies: clusters: general

36.- Aug 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...640A..64C)

Molecular gas and star formation activity in luminous infrared galaxies in clusters at intermediate redshifts

Castignani, G.

Keywords: galaxies: clusters: general

37.- Aug 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...640A..54M)

Photometry and high-resolution spectroscopy of comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner during its 2018 apparition

Moulane, Y.

Keywords: comets: general

38.- Aug 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...640A..52F)

The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. Variability of the He I line at 10 830 Å

Fuhrmeister, B.

Keywords: stars: activity

39.- Aug 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...640A..28S)

Directly comparing coronal and solar wind elemental fractionation

Stansby, D.

Keywords: Sun: abundances

40.- Aug 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...640A..27V)

Protoplanetary disk masses in NGC 2024: Evidence for two populations

van Terwisga, S. E.

Keywords: stars: pre-main sequence

41.- Aug 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...640A...3G)

Formation and dynamics of transequatorial loops

Ghosh, Avyarthana

Keywords: Sun: activity