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Oct 2020 - 92 Abstracts found

1.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3156W)

Stars and gas in the most metal-poor galaxies I: COS and MUSE observations of SBS 0335-052E

Wofford, Aida

Keywords: methods: statistical

3.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3126W)

Broad He I 1.08 μm absorption from the obscurer in the active galaxy NGC 5548

Wildy, Conor

Keywords: galaxies: Seyfert

4.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3107L)

Probing the CGM of Low-redshift Dwarf Galaxies Using FIRE Simulations

Li, Fei

Keywords: galaxies: formation

5.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3101D)

Tracing the evolution of dust-obscured activity using sub-millimetre galaxy populations from STUDIES and AS2UDS

Dudzevičiūtė, U.

Keywords: infrared: galaxies

6.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3096M)

Revealing the Impact of Quasar Luminosity on Giant Lyα Nebulae

Mackenzie, Ruari

Keywords: intergalactic medium

8.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3057M)

Double-peaked Lyman-α emission at z = 6.803: a reionisation-era galaxy self-ionising its local H II bubble

Meyer, Romain A.

Keywords: galaxies: high-redshift

9.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3053C)

The environmental dependence of rapidly-quenching and rejuvenating galaxies

Cleland, Cressida

Keywords: galaxies: groups: general

10.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3035L)

Thermal and photochemistry of CH3OH and CH3OH-O2 astrophysical ices

Leroux, Killian

Keywords: Astrochemistry

11.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3027P)

The 2019 eruption of recurrent nova V3890 Sgr: observations by Swift, NICER and SMARTS

Page, K. L.

Keywords: stars: individual: V3890 Sgr

12.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2969Q)

Birth Sites of Young Stellar Associations and Recent Star Formation in a Flocculent Corrugated Disk

Quillen, Alice C.


13.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2967H)

Discovery and Follow-up of ASASSN-19dj: An X-ray and UV Luminous TDE in an Extreme Post-Starburst Galaxy

Hinkle, Jason T.

Keywords: accretion

14.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2965C)

Missing [CII] emission from early galaxies

Carniani, S.

Keywords: galaxies: high-redshift

15.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2960B)

The Universe at z > 10: Predictions for JWST from the UNIVERSEMACHINE DR1

Behroozi, Peter

Keywords: galaxies: evolution

16.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2941S)

Abundance measurements of H2O and carbon-bearing species in the atmosphere of WASP-127b confirm its super-solar metallicity

Spake, Jessica J.

Keywords: techniques: spectroscopic

17.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2938Z)

Eccentric Tidal Disruption Event Disks around Supermassive Black Holes: Dynamics and Thermal Emission

Zanazzi, J. J.

Keywords: accretion

18.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2930I)

Monte-Carlo simulations of fast Newtonian and mildly relativistic shock breakout from a stellar wind

Ito, Hirotaka

Keywords: shock breakout: general

19.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2896W)

Suppression of H2-cooling in protogalaxies aided by trapped Lyα cooling radiation

Wolcott-Green, Jemma

Keywords: cosmology: theory

20.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2881H)

On the vanishing orbital X-ray variability of the eclipsing binary millisecond pulsar 47 Tuc W

Hebbar, P. R.

Keywords: stars: neutron

21.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2824W)

Extinction-free Census of AGNs in the AKARI/IRC North Ecliptic Pole Field from 23-band Infrared Photometry from Space Telescopes

Wang, Ting-Wen

Keywords: galaxies: active

22.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2817D)

The dynamics of the broad-line region in NGC 3227

Devereux, Nick

Keywords: galaxies: Seyfert

23.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.499.3819M)

The host galaxies of z = 7 quasars: predictions from the BLUETIDES simulation

Marshall, Madeline A.

Keywords: galaxies: quasars: supermassive black holes

24.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.499.3178Y)

Spectral and imaging properties of Sgr A* from high-resolution 3D GRMHD simulations with radiative cooling

Yoon, D.

Keywords: accretion

25.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.499.3006S)

X-ray spectra and light curves of cooling novae and a nova like

Sun, Bangzheng

Keywords: (stars:) novae

26.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.499..482N)

An outflow powers the optical rise of the nearby, fast-evolving tidal disruption event AT2019qiz

Nicholl, M.

Keywords: black hole physics

27.- Oct 2020 - ExA - (2020ExA....50..265N)

Scatter due to Ultraviolet (UV) photopolymerization of molecular contamination on optical surfaces

Narra, Venkata Suresh

Keywords: Solar

28.- Oct 2020 - ExA - (2020ExA....50..233H)

CHESS: An innovative concept for high-resolution, far-UV spectroscopy

Hoadley, Keri

Keywords: Instrumentation: spectrographs

29.- Oct 2020 - ApJS - (2020ApJS..250...36B)

Matched Photometric Catalogs of GALEX UV Sources with Gaia DR2 and SDSS DR14 Databases (GUVmatch)

Bianchi, Luciana

Keywords: Astronomy databases

31.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902L..19L)

Into the UV: The Atmosphere of the Hot Jupiter HAT-P-41b Revealed

Lewis, N. K.

Keywords: Exoplanet atmospheres

32.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902L...1H)

A JWST Preview: Adaptive-optics Images of H2, Br-γ, and K-continuum in Carina's Western Wall

Hartigan, Patrick

Keywords: Stellar jets

33.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902..153B)

Imagery and UV Spectroscopy of the LMC Supernova Remnant N103B Using HST

Blair, William P.

Keywords: Supernova remnants

34.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902..148S)

Constraining Low-luminosity Gamma-Ray Bursts as Ultra-high-energy Cosmic Ray Sources Using GRB 060218 as a Proxy

Samuelsson, Filip

Keywords: Gamma-ray bursts

35.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902..137G)

A Spectroscopic Survey of Lyα Emitters at z ≍ 3.1 over ∼1.2 Deg2

Guo, Yucheng

Keywords: High-redshift galaxies

36.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902..132B)

On the Nature of the T Tauri Triple System

Beck, Tracy L.

Keywords: Classical T Tauri stars

37.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902..117H)

The Mean Absorption-line Spectra of a Selection of Luminous z ∼ 6 Lyman Break Galaxies

Harikane, Yuichi

Keywords: Galaxy formation

38.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902..116M)

Exploring the Chemistry Induced by Energetic Processing of the H2-bearing, CO-rich Apolar Ice Layer

Martín-Doménech, Rafael

Keywords: Interstellar molecules

39.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902..115H)

EvryFlare. III. Temperature Evolution and Habitability Impacts of Dozens of Superflares Observed Simultaneously by Evryscope and TESS

Howard, Ward S.

Keywords: Exoplanet atmospheres

41.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902..108M)

High-energy Neutrino and Gamma-Ray Emission from Tidal Disruption Events

Murase, Kohta

Keywords: Particle astrophysics

42.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902...74W)

Space Telescope and Optical Reverberation Mapping Project. XII. Broad-line Region Modeling of NGC 5548

Williams, P. R.

Keywords: Active galaxies

43.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902...54C)

Mapping the Escape Fraction of Ionizing Photons Using Resolved Stars: A Much Higher Escape Fraction for NGC 4214

Choi, Yumi

Keywords: Dwarf irregular galaxies

44.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902...46Y)

The Young and Nearby Normal Type Ia Supernova 2018gv: UV-optical Observations and the Earliest Spectropolarimetry

Yang, Yi

Keywords: polarization

45.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902...36T)

Sun-as-a-star Spectral Irradiance Observations of Transiting Active Regions

Toriumi, Shin

Keywords: Solar spectral irradiance

46.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902...15J)

In Search of an Interface between Warm and Hot Gas within the Local Bubble

Jenkins, Edward B.

Keywords: Interstellar line absorption

47.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902....7S)

Modeling Quasar UV/Optical Variability with the Corona-heated Accretion-disk Reprocessing (CHAR) Model

Sun, Mouyuan

Keywords: Accretion

48.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902....6S)

SN 2018fif: The Explosion of a Large Red Supergiant Discovered in Its Infancy by the Zwicky Transient Facility

Soumagnac, Maayane T.

Keywords: Supernovae

50.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...901..148G)

Observations and Modeling of the Onset of Fast Reconnection in the Solar Transition Region

Guo, L.-J.

Keywords: Solar transition region

52.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...901..105Z)

A Carbon-enhanced Lyman Limit System: Signature of the First Generation of Stars?

Zou, Siwei

Keywords: Quasar absorption line spectroscopy

53.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...901..103C)

Far-ultraviolet Absorption and Photoluminescence of Monolayer Graphene and Its Implications for Extended Red Emission

Chou, Sheng-Lung

Keywords: Interstellar emissions

54.- Oct 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160..175S)

BVRCIC Observations and Analysis of the UV LEO-type Binary, the Pre-WUMa, V1023 Persei

Samec, Ronald

Keywords: Close binary stars

55.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642L...1M)

Web of the giant: Spectroscopic confirmation of a large-scale structure around the z = 6.31 quasar SDSS J1030+0524

Mignoli, Marco

Keywords: galaxies: high-redshift

56.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A.231L)

Doppler shift oscillations of a sunspot detected by CYRA and IRIS

Li, D.

Keywords: sunspots

57.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A.228W)

An extremely hot white dwarf with a rapidly rotating K-type subgiant companion: UCAC2 46706450

Werner, Klaus

Keywords: stars: individual: UCAC2 46706450

58.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A.189M)

An investigation of 56Ni shells as the source of early light curve bumps in type Ia supernovae

Magee, M. R.

Keywords: radiative transfer

59.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A.176T)

The chemical evolution of the dwarf spheroidal galaxy Sextans

Theler, R.

Keywords: stars: abundances

61.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A.155Z)

GOODS-ALMA: Optically dark ALMA galaxies shed light on a cluster in formation at z = 3.5

Zhou, L.

Keywords: galaxies: high-redshift

62.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A.150L)

Quasars as standard candles. III. Validation of a new sample for cosmological studies

Lusso, E.

Keywords: galaxies: active

63.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A.134S)

The various accretion modes of AM Herculis: Clues from multi-wavelength observations in high accretion states

Schwope, A. D.

Keywords: novae

64.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A..93H)

A detailed view on the circumstellar environment of the M-type AGB star EP Aquarii. I. High-resolution ALMA and SPHERE observations

Homan, Ward

Keywords: stars: AGB and post-AGB

65.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A..24W)

Detection capabilities of the Athena X-IFU for the warm-hot intergalactic medium using gamma-ray burst X-ray afterglows

Walsh, Sarah

Keywords: gamma-ray burst: general

66.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A..14S)

The Solar Orbiter SPICE instrument. An extreme UV imaging spectrometer

Spice Consortium

Keywords: Sun: UV radiation

67.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A..10A)

Metis: the Solar Orbiter visible light and ultraviolet coronal imager

Antonucci, Ester

Keywords: Sun: atmosphere

68.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A...8R)

The Solar Orbiter EUI instrument: The Extreme Ultraviolet Imager

Rochus, P.

Keywords: Sun: UV radiation

69.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3139W)

High resolution spectroscopy of the hot Am star HR 3383

Wahlgren, G. M.

Keywords: stars:chemically peculiar

70.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3108A)

uGMRT detection of associated HI 21 cm absorption at z ≍ 3.5

Aditya, J. N. H. S.

Keywords: galaxies active

71.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3019E)

Escape and evolution of Titan's N2 atmosphere constrained by 14N/15N isotope ratios

Erkaev, N. V.

Keywords: planets and satellites: atmospheres

72.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.3017B)

Implications of Einstein-Maxwell dilaton-axion gravity from the black hole continuum spectrum

Banerjee, Indrani

Keywords: accretion

73.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2947M)

Prospects for distinguishing galaxy evolution models with surveys at redshifts z ≳ 4

Mirocha, Jordan

Keywords: galaxies: formation

74.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.tmp.2922Z)

An eccentric wave in the circumstellar disc of the Be/X-ray binary X Persei

Zamanov, R. K.

Keywords: Stars: emission-line

75.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.499L.116H)

The search for magnetic fields in two Wolf-Rayet stars and the discovery of a variable magnetic field in WR 55

Hubrig, S.

Keywords: techniques: polarimetric

76.- Oct 2020 - MNRAS - (2020MNRAS.499.2662L)

Studies of extragalactic background light with TeV BL Lacertae objects

Longhua, Qin

Keywords: BL Lacertae objects: general

77.- Oct 2020 - AsBio - (2020AsBio..20.1185M)

Subsurface In Situ Detection of Microbes and Diverse Organic Matter Hotspots in the Greenland Ice Sheet

Malaska, Michael J.

2020: Michael J. Malaska et al.,

78.- Oct 2020 - ApJS - (2020ApJS..250...31K)

The 2017 September 6 Flare: Radio Bursts and Pulsations in the 22-5000 MHz Range and Associated Phenomena

Karlický, Marian

Keywords: The Sun

79.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902L..24R)

Detection of Pb II in the Ultraviolet Spectra of Three Metal-poor Stars

Roederer, Ian U.

Keywords: Nucleosynthesis

80.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902..133K)

On the Detection Potential of Blazar Flares for Current Neutrino Telescopes

Kreter, M.

Keywords: Active galactic nuclei

81.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902...31T)

On the Coronal Temperature in Solar Microflares

Testa, Paola

Keywords: Active solar corona

82.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...902....3L)

The Relative Emission from Chromospheres and Coronae: Dependence on Spectral Type and Age

Linsky, Jeffrey L.

Keywords: Ultraviolet sources

83.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...901..150G)

The Effect of Solar Wind Expansion and Nonequilibrium Ionization on the Broadening of Coronal Emission Lines

Gilly, Chris R.

Keywords: Solar coronal holes

84.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...901..149Z)

Radiation and Polarization Signatures from Magnetic Reconnection in Relativistic Jets. I. A Systematic Study

Zhang, Haocheng

Keywords: Blazars

85.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...901..147L)

Localized Reconnection Heating Inferred from the Three-dimensional Locations of Bright Active Region Coronal Loops

Longcope, Dana

Keywords: Solar coronal loops

86.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...901..134S)

Disentangling the Cosmic Web toward FRB 190608

Simha, Sunil

Keywords: Galaxy dark matter halos

87.- Oct 2020 - ApJ - (2020ApJ...901..121X)

Multiwavelength Observation of a Failed Eruption from a Helical Kink-unstable Prominence

Xu, Haiqing

Keywords: Solar activity

88.- Oct 2020 - AJ - (2020AJ....160..185T)

Assessment of Variability of the TEC in the Equatorial Anomaly Region with a Focus over Africa Using Rz and F10.7 as Input Drivers

Tariku, Yekoye Asmare

Keywords: Atmospheric variability

89.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A.159Z)

Simultaneous transverse oscillations of a coronal loop and a filament excited by a circular-ribbon flare

Zhang, Q. M.

Keywords: Sun: flares

90.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A.115C)

CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs. V. Luminosities, colours, and spectral energy distributions

Cifuentes, C.

Keywords: astronomical databases: miscellaneous

91.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A.112K)

RESIK and RHESSI observations of the 20 September 2002 flare

Kepa, A.

Keywords: Sun: chromosphere

92.- Oct 2020 - A&A - (2020A&A...642A.103S)

Spectroscopic observations of the machine-learning selected anomaly catalogue from the AllWISE Sky Survey

Solarz, A.

Keywords: infrared: galaxies