Bibliography : Solar and Planetary Physics

Oct 2019 - 3 Abstracts found

1.- Oct 2019 - P&SS - (2019P&SS..17604683S)

Biosignature detection by Mars rover equivalent instruments in samples from the CanMars Mars Sample Return Analogue Deployment

Stromberg, Jessica M.

Keywords: Mars analogue
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2.- Oct 2019 - SoPh - (2019SoPh..294..144H)

Statistical Analysis and Catalog of Non-polar Coronal Holes Covering the SDO-Era Using CATCH

Heinemann, Stephan G.

Keywords: Coronal holes
(c) 2019

3.- Oct 2019 - SoPh - (2019SoPh..294..135M)

SITES: Solar Iterative Temperature Emission Solver for Differential Emission Measure Inversion of EUV Observations

Morgan, Huw

Keywords: Image processing
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