Bibliography : Solar and Planetary Physics

Apr 2020 - 3 Abstracts found

1.- Apr 2020 - SoPh - (2020SoPh..295...53I)

Temporal and Spatial Scales in Coronal Rain Revealed by UV Imaging and Spectroscopic Observations

Ishikawa, Ryohtaroh T.

Keywords: Coronal rain

2.- Apr 2020 - P&SS - (2020P&SS..18304627G)

Dust extinction towards the type Ia supernova 2012cu in NGC 4772

Gao, Weijia

Keywords: (ISM) dust
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3.- Apr 2020 - EP&S - (2020EP&S...72...51G)

Signature of the 27-day oscillation in the MLT tides and its relation with solar radiation at low latitudes

Guharay, Amitava

Keywords: 27-day oscillation