Bibliography : Solar and Planetary Physics

Dec 2021 - 6 Abstracts found

1.- Dec 2021 - P&SS - (2021P&SS..20905356R)

A deep-ultraviolet Raman and Fluorescence spectral library of 62 minerals for the SHERLOC instrument onboard Mars 2020

Razzell Hollis, Joseph

Keywords: Deep-ultraviolet Raman spectroscopy
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2.- Dec 2021 - SoPh - (2021SoPh..296..181Y)

An Analysis of Spikes in Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) Data

Young, Peter R.

Keywords: Corona

3.- Dec 2021 - SoPh - (2021SoPh..296..175S)

Probing Upflowing Regions in the Quiet Sun and Coronal Holes

Schwanitz, Conrad

Keywords: Corona

4.- Dec 2021 - EP&S - (2021EP&S...73..151N)

EUV signals associated with O+ ions observed from ISS-IMAP/EUVI in the nightside ionosphere

Nakano, Shin'ya

Keywords: O+ ion

6.- Dec 2021 - EP&S - (2021EP&S...73...79N)

Validation of computed extreme ultraviolet emission spectra during solar flares

Nishimoto, Shohei

Keywords: Solar flare